Line of Robot Cars
How should you behave as a human driver when you are faced with a traffic jam of robotic cars? How can you win on a road system dominated by robots? In just a few year’s time[...]
The Robot Economy
Imagine an economy run entirely by robots that generates enough wealth to support the entire human race without needing many humans to intervene or even work. This is the promise o[...]
Concert laser lights
The protest movement “Occupy Stage and Field” have ramped up their protests in recent weeks targeting major events and organisations with a series of guerilla protests.[...]
Icon of Barking Dog
Get ready for the next big thing in social media … Barker is the hottest new social platform in town with a Twitter-like service that has the marketing promise of “deli[...]
Sign saying
Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the small Baltic country of Mithonia has looked to Scandinavia as the model for building its post-communist society. But now taking a step f[...]
Professor Doubtless
I recently came across a press release announcing the appointment of a “Professor of the Unknown” at a British university which is apparently the first such appointment in the worl[...]
Female Cyborg
A Japanese inventor has announced the world’s first brothel staffed completely by robots. Recent press reports have made much of the possibility of robots taking over more and more[...]
FDR as a child in gender neutral clothes
Two recent examples give us all pause for thought about how to raise our children in respect to their gender. Andrej Pejic, the male runway model, famed for being equally at ease m[...]
AutoFlame Logo
Announcing AutoFlame, the exciting new social app that fully automates your Tinder dating experience. “From photo-post to bed-post without human intervention …” is the marketing cl[...]
Happy Australia 2
We all want to be happy. If we can truthfully say we are happy, then what else matters? Helpfully, the National Australia Bank produces a quarterly report on the wellbeing of Austr[...]